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I live in Yucaipa, CA– the town I grew up in. I love to garden, paint, eat, read, nap, and watch movies. I also love the sun, so I get a lot of vitamin D. And I love sugar, so I get a lot of exercise. I am also a Christian who loves God. I believe that if you put God first in your life, then everything else will fall into place.

I did move away from my hometown for a number of years. First, I went to college. I graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA with a B.A. degree in Political Science. I then went on to Graduate School at UC Riverside, where I earned a M.A. degree in Political Science: International Relations. I then moved with 3 college girlfriends to San Francisco. I lived in the city for about 4 years and loved every minute of it. I worked for a few different non-profits during that time as a grant writer, event planner, and fundraiser.Heather

But like a boomerang, I eventually decided to move back home. And I also decided to change careers. I spent the next year obtaining a Webmaster technical certificate. And while working for Esri in Redlands, CA I earned a GIS technical certificate. I have since gained experience as a web developer, graphic designer, and technical writer. I currently work for San Bernardino County as a programmer analyst.

And since I didn’t think I had enough schooling, I have also been working on a Master’s degree in Theology from Liberty University in my spare time. I’m specifically focusing on Worldviews and World Religions as my area of interest. A worldview is a theory of the world, used for living in the world. Or plain and simple, it’s a view of the world. Your worldview is whatever big story you believe in about the world’s nature (how things work), origin (how it all came to be), purpose (why we are all here), and end (how it all will end). As such, I think worldviews (and the religions contained within them) are one of the most important subject matters to study. Because if you understand how worldviews are formed and how they guide or confine our thoughts and behavior —and how you can rethink your worldview—then you have the key to understanding everything else in life.

As such, most of my blog posts interact with worldview issues— whether it is about a topic or a movie or something else.


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