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Advent: Reverence

A scene from the movie The Nativity Story

When we have reverence for something or someone, we treat it or him with deep respect, devotion, and honor. It is in a state of reverence that we will adore and worship the object of our reverence. In Christianity, we revere the Trinitarian God above all else. And the most natural and right response is …

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Advent: Faith


Faith – the art of believing and trusting what you do not see. There are over 4,000 faith groups in the world today. So, it is very true that we all believe in something. Even atheists have a belief when they declare they don’t believe God is there– that’s a belief. But mainly we humans believe in God, …

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Advent: Peace

Peace on Earth

The places are familiar enough now to all of us. Columbine … Virginia Tech … Boston … Sandy Hook … Aurora … Fort Hood … Charleston … Colorado Springs … and now San Bernardino.
Peace. It’s a term that means so much more to me this Christmas. I work for San Bernardino County, in the Information Services Department. Last Wednesday, December 2, a horrific mass shooting occurred a few miles from me, to a sister County department. In the end, 14 were dead, and 21 wounded. This tragedy hit close to home, for so many of us. …

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