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Interstellar: Let’s Save Ourselves

Interstellar movie poster

I recently saw the movie Interstellar (2014) starring Matthew McConaughey. It was co-written and directed by Christopher Nolan of such fame as Inception and The Dark Knight. I enjoyed the visual candy of the galaxies, planets, stars, and wormhole travel. I enjoyed the storyline between McConaughey’s character Cooper and his daughter. And I enjoyed the crazy science fiction/ fantasy storyline in which humanity sets out to explore another galaxy, amid time, space, and gravity differences. What I did not enjoy was the final message. That humanity will save itself.

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Star Wars and the Yin/Yang Duality

Many of you will remember when Star Wars (1977) came out. It’s one of my favorite movies. The movie opened up to many of us a new world in a “galaxy far, far away”… and a new worldview in pantheism. While there are a few ideas copied from non-pantheistic traditions including Christianity— like the greeting “May the Force be with you” which is very similar to the Christian greeting “May the Lord be with you”— for the most part Star Wars portrays a pantheistic worldview. Today, the worldview of pantheism can be seen in much of our society, but when Star Wars debuted, it was still a relatively unknown and foreign concept…

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The Story Arc of Wreck-It Ralph

The Creation-Fall-Redemption-Restoration story arc of Christianity can be seen in Disney’s animated movie Wreck-It Ralph (2012). This was surprising to me too! In the beginning of the movie, we are introduced to Wreck-It Ralph, who is a good-hearted guy programmed to play the bad guy role of the wrecker in his arcade game—with his large hands, tall stature, and many muscles. He is built to be the perfect wrecker. While Fix-It Felix, the supposed hero (at least of the game), is the good guy who fixes everything and always gets the medal and the cheers. After all, the arcade game is called Fix-It Felix Junior…

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