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Advent: Birthday

It is today that we celebrate Jesus’ birthday as our Savior. Jesus’ name in Hebrew (Yeshua) means “God saves.” The other name given to him at birth, Immanuel, means “God with us.” Both are fitting. We today celebrate the birth of the God-man who saves us from our sins and is with us always and forever.

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Advent: Comings

Advent is a celebration of comings—of Christ’s comings. For the past 4 weeks we’ve been anticipating and celebrating the story of Christ’s First Coming. In this story we’ve explored what we are calling the First Act of God’s Story. This act includes the first two major plot movements—the events of Creation (the beginning) and the Fall (the conflict). We’ve seen God take the initiative in Creation, bringing the universe into existence. And in the Fall, Adam and Eve chose to rebel against God and thereby they reordered the universe’s operation. And God …

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Advent: Simeon

The baby Jesus was circumcised 8 days after his birth, according to Jewish custom and the Law of Moses. Circumcision was the sign and seal of the Abrahamic Covenant. And when Jesus was 40 days old He was also dedicated to God at the Temple, being the first born male of Mary. And according to custom and Law, a sacrifice was offered as well. And since Simeon was directed by the Holy Spirit to …

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